Previous Names of the Day

Jan 26th
Castle   English
From Middle English castel meaning "castle", from Late Latin castellum, originally indicating a person who lived near a castle.
Jan 25th
Lavigne   French
Means "the vineyard" in French, referring to a person who lived close to a vineyard, or was from the town of Lavigny.
Jan 24th
Klein   German, Dutch, Jewish
Means "small, little" from German klein or Yiddish kleyn. A famous bearer of this name is clothes designer Calvin Klein (1942-).
Jan 23rd
Laguardia   Italian
Occupational name meaning "sentry, sentinel" in Italian, also a locative name referring to a person who lived near a watchtower. Fiorello Laguardia (1882-1947) was the first mayor of New York of Italian origin.
Jan 22nd
Årud   Norwegian
From Norwegian å meaning "river, stream" and the archaic word rud meaning "clearing".
Jan 21st
Peel   English
Nickname for a thin person, derived from Old French pel, Latin palus meaning "stake, post" (related to English pole).
Jan 20th
Cody   Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Ó Cuidighthigh or Mac Óda. A famous bearer was the American frontiersman and showman Buffalo Bill Cody (1846-1917).