Previous Names of the Day

Mar 25th
Dunbar   Scottish
From the name of a town in East Lothian, Scotland, derived from Gaelic dùn meaning "fort" and barr meaning "summit", so called from its situation on a rock that projects into the sea.
Mar 24th
Korošec   Slovene
Originally indicated a person from Koroška (Carinthia), a medieval Slovene state, now divided between Slovenia and Austria.
Mar 23rd
Grillo   Italian
From an Italian nickname meaning "cricket", perhaps given originally to a cheerful person (the cricket is associated with cheerfulness).
Mar 22nd
Huber   German
Occupational name for a farmer, derived from Old High German huoba "plot of land, farm".
Mar 21st
Pajari   Finnish
Means "boyar", the Finnish form of the Russian noble title боярин (boyarin).
Mar 20th
Schenk   German, Dutch
From Middle High German, Middle Dutch schenke meaning "wine server" (from Old High German scenken "to pour out").
Mar 19th
Muñoz   Spanish
Patronymic derived from the medieval Spanish given name Muño, from Latin Munnius, possibly of Germanic origin.