Previous Names of the Day

SZEKERES     HungarianSep 15th
Occupational name for a cartman, derived from Hungarian szekér meaning "cart, wagon".

BORDE     FrenchSep 14th
From Frankish bord meaning "board, plank". This name belonged to a person who lived in a house made of planks.

SVOBODA     CzechSep 13th
Means "freedom" in Czech. This was a medieval name for a freeman, someone who was not a serf.

KASUN     CroatianSep 12th
Possibly derived from the old Slavic word kazati meaning "to order, to command".

MACKENZIE     ScottishSep 11th
Anglicized form of the Gaelic Mac Coinnich meaning "son of COINNEACH". It originates from the Kintail area of Scotland on the northwest coast.

KALBFLEISCH     GermanSep 10th
Occupational name for a butcher who dealt in veal, from German kalb meaning "calf" and fleisch meaning "meat".

KEITH     ScottishSep 9th
From a place name that is probably derived from the Brythonic element cet meaning "wood". This was the surname of a long line of Scottish nobles.