Previous Names of the Day

STRICKLAND     English Oct 16th
From the name of a town in Cumbria, derived from Old English stirc "calf, young bullock" and land "cultivated land".

DESMOND     Irish Oct 15th
Anglicized form of Gaelic Deasmhumhain meaning "South Munster", originally indicating a person who came from that region in Ireland.

MANN     German, English Oct 14th
From a nickname meaning "man". This may have originally been given in order to distinguish the bearer from a younger person with the same name.

VAN LAAR     Dutch Oct 13th
Derived from Dutch laar (plural laren), which means "open spot in the forest". These areas were used to graze cattle for example.

UNDERHILL     English Oct 12th
Means "dweller at the foot of a hill", from Old English under and hyll.

STEIN     German, Jewish Oct 11th
From Old High German stein meaning "stone". It might indicate the original bearer lived near a prominent stone or worked as a stonecutter. As a Jewish name it is ornamental.

FLOROS     Greek Oct 10th
From Greek φλωρος (phloros) meaning "greenfinch", derived from classical Greek χλωρος (chloros) meaning "green".