Georgian Surnames

Georgian names are used in the country of Georgia in central Eurasia.
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BERIDZE ბერიძე Georgian
Means "son of the monk", from Georgian ბერი (beri) meaning "monk".
BOLKVADZE ბოლქვაძე Georgian
From Georgian ბოლქვი (bolkvi) meaning "tuber, bulb".
GELASHVILI გელაშვილი Georgian
Means "son of GELA".
GIORGADZE გიორგაძე Georgian
Means "son of GIORGI".
LOMIDZE ლომიძე Georgian
Means "son of the lion", from Georgian ლომი (lomi) meaning "lion".
MAISURADZE მაისურაძე Georgian
From Georgian მაისურა (maisura) meaning "shirt", perhaps an occupational name for one who made or sold them.
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