missreader's Personal Name List

Name M/F Remark Rating
Abigail f  Nickname: "Abby." 
Alice f  Part of name "Mary Alice." 
Arielle f
Astrid f  Namesake: How to Train Your Dragon 
Augusta f
Carter f
Elanor f  Nickname: "Ella" or "Ellie." Namesake: Lord of the Rings (I'm a fanatic.) 
Gil 2 m  Nickname for "Gilan." Namesake: Ranger's Apprentice 
Ianto m
Mary f  Part of name "Mary Alice." 
Mella f
Merlin m
Myrtle f
Septimus m  If I have seven sons, I'm naming the seventh one "Septimus." 
Thalia f  Namesake: Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series and the muse