LegendaryMyth's Personal Name List

Name M/F Remark Rating
Amasis m  Hellenized form of the ancient Egyptian name IaH-ms or I'h-ms meaning "son of Iah". 
Andretti m  Caribbean. Likely a transferred use of the surname Andretti. 
Behati f  Possibly an Afrikaans variant of BEATA. 
Bintanath f  Means "daughter of Anat". She was the daughter of Ramses II and Isetnofret, later becoming a Great Royal Wife of her father following the death of Nefertari. 
Ife f  West African. Means "love" in Yoruba. 
Ismaïla m  Western African form of Ismail (see Ishmael). 
Meritites f  Egyptian. " Beloved by her father". Born by many royal women. 
Monica f  Meaning unknown, most likely of North African or Phoenician origin. 
Mpho m & f  Means "gift" in Tswana and Sotho, a derivative of fa "to offer". 
Nneoma f  Igbo. "Good mother" 
Ntombi f  Means "girl" in Zulu. 
Osei m & f  Ghanaian, Akan meaning of royalty 
Tendai m & f  Means "be thankful" in Shona. 
Thandiwe f  Means "loving one" in Xhosa, Zulu and Ndebele, from thanda "to love".