Charlie1977's Personal Name List

Name M/F Remark Rating
Albus m  Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter) 
Almanzo m  Almanzo Wilder (Real person, protagonist, The Little House on the Prairie) 
Anakin m  Anakin Skywalker (A main protagonist, Star Wars) 
Andersine f  The Danish first name for Daisy Duck, full name Andersine And. 'And' means 'duck' in Danish, so it is both funny & punny at the same time. Donald Duck is Anders And here. 
Arya 2 f  Arya Stark (A main protagonist, ASOFAI/Game of Thrones) 
Asterix m  For the comic book character 'Asterix'. 
Astoria f  for 'So Long, Astoria' (Album/song by band The Ataris) 
Atlantis  (F). For the city of Atlantis, but also the sci-fi TV show 'Stargate: Atlantis'. 
Atreyu m  Atreyu (A main protagonist, The NeverEnding Story) 
Avonlea f  Where Anne grows up (Anne of the Green Gables) 
Bandit m  Of general use in any Popculture out there 
Bastian m  Bastian Balthasar Bux (the main protagonist, The Neverending Story) 
Blade m  Of general use in any Popculture out there 
Bowie m  for David Bowie 
Brienne f  Brienne of Tarth (A main protagonist, ASOFAI/Game of Thrones) 
Caprica f  Caprica. (Main colony/planet, Battlestar Galactica [2003-2009]) 
Cassian m  Cassian Andor (The main protagonist, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) 
Chesney m  Singer Chesney Hawkes 
Cirkeline f  Danish female comic book character. She's so tiny she sleeps in an empty matchbox and her best friend are two mice. 
Coruscant  (M.) Home world of Han Solo (Star Wars) 
Donnatella f  Donnatella Moss (A main protagonist, The West Wing) 
Draco m  Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter) 
Elliott m  Elliott (E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial) 
Errol m  Errol the owl (Harry Potter) 
Galen m  Galen Tyrol (Battlestar Galactica [2003-2009]) & Galen Erso (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) 
Gates  (F.) For actress Gates McFadden [Cheryl Gates McFadden] of "Star Trek: TNG" fame. 
Gendry m  Gendry Waters/Baratheon (ASOFAI/Game of Thrones) 
Hermione f  Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) 
Hobie m  Hobie Buchannon (Baywatch) 
Jaime 1 m  Jaime Lannister (ASOFAI/Game of Thrones) 
Jubilation f  Jubilation "Jubilee" Lee (X-Men) 
Jubilee f  Jubilee (X-Men) 
Jyn f  Jyn Erso (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) 
Kaywinnit f  Kaywinnit Lee "Kaylee" Frye (Firefly) 
Kermit m  Kermit the Frog (The Muppets) 
Kianna f  Kianna (Stargate SG-1) 
Kraven m  Kraven (Underworld movies) 
Leeloo f  Leeloo (The Fifth Element) 
Leia f  Leia Organa (Star Wars) 
Lyanna f  Lyanna Stark and Lyanna Mormont (ASOFAI/Game of Thrones) 
Merida f  Merida (Brave) 
Morticia f  Morticia Addams (The Addams Family) 
Nikita 1 f  Nikita (Elton John song) 
Nymphadora f  Nymphadora Tonks (Harry Potter) 
Olenna f  Olenna Tyrell (ASOFAI/Game of Thrones) 
Phryne f  Phryne Fisher (Miss. Fisher's Murder Mysteries) 
Podrick m  Podrick Payne (ASOFAI/Game of Thrones) 
Revanna f  Revanna (Planet, Stargate SG-1) 
Riddick m  Riddick (Riddick movie series) 
Robson m  British TV host/actor Robson Green 
Rogue f  Rogue (X-Men) 
Salazar m  Salazar Slytherin (Harry Potter) 
Selwyn m  Selwyn Tarth (ASOFAI/Game of Thrones) 
Sigourney f  For Sigourney Weaver, long time favorite actor. 
Starbuck f  Kara Thrace, callsign "Starbuck" (Battlestar Galactica [2003-2009]) / Galen's nickname for his daugher, Jyn Erso (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story). 
Tanita f  Singer Tanita Tikaram 
Tatooine  (M.) Planet where Luke Skywalker grew up (Star Wars) 
Teryl f  Actress Teryl Rothery (Janet Frasier, a main recurring character, Stargate SG-1) 
Teyla f  Teyla Emmagan (A main character, Stargate: Atlantis) 
Vada f  Vada Sultenfuss (Main protagonist, My Girl 1 & 2) 
Valhalla  (F.) Valhalla, "hall of the slain", Norse Mythology. 
Wednesday m  Wednesday Addams (The Addams Family) 
Westeros  (M.) Continent, aside from Essos. (ASOFAI/Game of Thrones) 
Zeppelin m  For the airship named after its inventor. Also the band, Led Zeppelin. 
Ziggy m  For one of David Bowie's alter ego's called "Ziggy Stardust".