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Name Sancti
Type Surname (from given name)
Other Forms FormsSanctaidd, Santaidd, Sancteiddrwydd, Cysegredig, Gysegredig,Sanctius, Sanctis, Sancto, Santo, De Santo, Desanto, Sant, Sants, Sante, Sancte, Santini, Santinni, Santana, Santanna, Santanno, Santinelli, Santilli, Santinacci, Santucci, Santuc, Santerre, Santer, Sanctus, Santus, Santusse, Di Santi, De Santis, Dei Santi, Di Sancti, Di Sanctis, Di Sancto, Delli Santi, Della Santa, Santa, Santia, Santhia
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Meaning & History

Sancti or Santi is a Italian surname in the north of Italy, Cisalpine Gaul or Galia Citerior also known as Galia Togata. It's a last name belonging to ancient Celtic tribes.
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