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Name Toda
Type Surname (from location)
Usage Japanese
Scripts 戸田, とだ, 當田, 遠田, 東田, 当田
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Meaning & History

Japanese: there are multiple meanings with this surname depending on the kanji used.
1: 戸田 meaning ‘door’ and ‘rice paddy’, is found predominantly in eastern Japan; bearers are said to be descended from the northern FUJIWARA clan.
2: 遠田 meaning ‘far rice paddy’, can also be spelled Enda and is found in eastern Japan.
3: 東田 meaning ‘eastern rice paddy’, is also spelled HIGASHIDA in western Japan.
4: 當田 meaning 'obtained rice paddy', is spelled Tōda.
5: 当田 meaning 'right rice paddy', is spelled Tōta.
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