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Name O'duffy
Type Surname
Usage Irish
Pronounced Pron. o-duf-ee
Other Forms FormsO Dubhthaigh, Duffy, Duffey, Duff
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Meaning & History

The name O'Duffy originates from the gaelic surname "O Dubhthaigh". Dubh meaning "Black" in Gaeilge. They claim descent from the ancient Heremon kings of Ireland. They descend from "Cahir Mor", the King of Leinster in the second century. He divided his posessions between his 30 sons in a will (The will of Cahir Mor)contained in "The Book of Leacan" His prosterity formed the principal families of Leinster, O'Duffy was listed eas listed amongst these families.
O'Duffy was first found in the Irish province of Connaught, where they held a family seat from very ancient times. they were one of the many familes descended from the great Kings of Ireland called "The three Collas". they descend from The Colla clan, from Duffy, Lord of Fermanagh.
Yet there are many distinct septs od O'Duffy, one belonging to the parish of Lower Templecrone, in the diocese of Raphoe im county Donegal, the patron saint from the 7th century, Saint Dubhthaigh or Saint Duffy. The Connaught sept had the territory, Lissduffy near Strokestown named after them. They were remarked for the number of distinguished ecclasiastics they produced.
The oldest records of the family include Cadhla O'Dubhthaigh (Cele O'Duffy)Archbishop of Tuam Ambassador to King Henry II in 1175, Muireadach O'Duibhthaigh (Murdagh O'Duffy, Archbishop of Tuam in Connaught.
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