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Name Kvitsinia
Type Surname (from nickname)
Usage Abkhaz
Scripts Кәыҵниа
Other Forms FormsKvitsiniya, Kutsnia
Theme horse
Edit Status Status3. usages AND description are verified

Meaning & History

Mingrelian form of the Abkhaz surname Kutsnia; the Abkhaz name was replaced by the Mingrelian spelling during the era of Joseph Stalin. It is most likely derived from Abkhaz икуцны иааз (ikutsny iaaz) meaning "one who migrates", though the word квици (kvitsi) has no real meaning in Abkhaz. Alternatively, it could be from Georgian კვიცი (ḳvici) meaning "colt" (used to refer to a stable boy who watched over horses), though this is more unlikely.
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