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Name Pabalat
Type Surname (from occupation)
Scripts ᜉᜊᜎᜆ᜔(Baybayin)
Pronounced Pron. pah-bah-LAHT
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Meaning & History

A Filipino surname meaning "cover, saddle" or "saddle maker". This surname was probably created when a Spanish surveyor conducts a census sometime in the 19th century in Cavinti, Laguna, Philippines. This surname must have been created before Governor-General Narciso Claveria issued his Catálogo alfabético de appelidos of 1849. However, if it was created after that, it was probably used as a protest to use native Tagalog surnames, since the province of Laguna is one of the provinces that protested against this surname change.
Added 12/23/2018 by Raymund Jay Pabalat