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Name Cañosa
Type Surname (ornamental)
Usage Filipino
Scripts Cañosa
Pronounced Pron. Kan-yo-sa
Other Forms FormsCaña and Cañusa
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Meaning & History

It is derived from the word 'Caña' meaning 'reed'. Born as a surname in before World War I, it is a newly formed family name built by Angelo Cañosa and his 2 siblings, formerly his birth surname is Caña when he and his siblings migrated to Agusan when they are wanted by the Spanish Authorities as they were berdugos(Killing Spanish allies)in their native place, Minglanilla and by rowing boats, they landed in Mindanao and he, Angelo Caña and his two siblings changed their family name into Cañosa. Today, Cañosa is found entirely in Caraga Region, Central Visayas, and Northern Mindanao. Cañosa only held political power at Gingoog City.
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