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Name Nocton
Type Surname (from given name)
Pronounced Pron. NAHK-tən
, NAHK-ten
, NAHK-tin
Other Forms FormsNaughton, Naughten, McNaughton, O'Neachtain, O Neachtain, Ní Neachtain, Neactain, Nechtan, Naghtens, O'Naghtens, Norton (Anglicized)
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Meaning & History

Americanized form of the patronymic form of NAUGHTON, further related to Ó NEACHTAIN, meaning "(descendant) of NECHTAN" and coming from the Uí Néill clan of Ireland. Also rendered as the Anglicized NORTON. Related to the names QUINN, Hartigan, Behan, and Beahan.
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