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Name Hodson
Type Surname (from given name)
Usage English
Pronounced Pron. hodd-son
Other Forms FormsOdson, Odeson
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Meaning & History

Hodson is a very interesting surname in that it has multiple origins, depending on the Hodson lineage in question.

In some instances, the surname is a corruption of the more numerous Hudson and thus means 'the son of Richard', from the medieval forename Hudd.

In other families, the surname was originally spelt Hodgson or Hogson, coming from Hodge and consequently means 'son of Roger'.

In the Hodson families where neither of these are the case, the surname likely comes from Odson. This surname being the original and now almost extinct spelling of Hodson with the 'H' first being recorded in the surname in the late 14th century in Yorkshire. Odson meaning the 'son of Odd' (sometimes spelt Ode) a name of Old Norse origin meaning "spear point".

The surname since Victorian times has been most popular in Lancashire and the "Black Country" (historically part of Staffordshire) however, the family surname seems to originate in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. With the earliest possible Hodson ancestor being a Robertus Odeson who was recorded in a Yorkshire Tax in 1370.
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