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Name Mankiewicz
Type Surname (from given name)
Usage Polish, Jewish
Pronounced Pron. man-KYEH-vyeech(Polish) MAN-kə-wits(American English)
Other Forms FormsMańkiewicz, Monkiewicz, Monkevich, Manka, Mańka, Manke, Manko, Mańko, Maňko, Mankó, Mankiewiczowa, Mankiewiczówna, Mankevičius, Mankus Monkevičius, Mankievič, Mankievich, Mankievitch, Mankevičs, Mankēvičs, Mankevich, Mankevitch, Mankeviča, Mankēviča, Mankevych, Mankevytch, Mankevyč, Mancewicz, Mankie
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Meaning & History

From the given name Maniek, a diminutive of Marian 2 or sometimes Mariusz, or Mańka, a diminutive of Emanuel. The American film director Joseph L. Mankiewicz (1909-1993) was a famous bearer of this name.
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