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Name Bjeljac
Type Surname (from nickname)
Pronounced Pron. BYEL-YATS
Other Forms FormsBelic, Bjelic, Bjelac
Edit Status Status2a. listed usages are verified

Meaning & History

From the Croation Area of Kordun specifically Koranski Lug. Possibly also Bosnia. A large migration of Serbs were enticed by the Austrian government to move from Bosnia to Croatia to act as a buffer militia between the Ottoman Empire of Bosnia and the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Croatia. This migration was one of many in the 1870s. The Serbs had a long history of resistance fighting against the Turkish oppressive rule. The Austrian offer included farm land but only to those who were able bodied and willing to fight, if needed. If they had a wife she too had to be able bodied and able to carry on the farm chore if the men folk were called up to fight in the Reserve forces.
Added 11/7/2022 by David Bjelic