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Name Klose
Type Surname (from given name)
Pronounced Pron. KLO-sə(German)
Other Forms FormsKloss, Klöss, Close, Klos, Kloos, Cloos, Kloes, Klaus, Clouse, Claus, Klausen, Klaas, Klass, Class, Closser, Clos, Closs, Glos, Gloss, Loos, Glass, Glas, Klaes, Lose, Klees, Lohse, Glaus, Glauser, Klauss, Klauser, Clauser, Clawson, Clausen, Claussen, Classen, Klassen, Klasen, Clasen, Claes, Clowser, Clouser, Clauss, Clause, Klasing, Klausing, Clausing, Klausner, Clason, Kloser, Klöser, Klosse
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Meaning & History

From a Silesian short form of the given name Nikolaus. A notable bearer is the German former soccer player Miroslav Klose (1978-).
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