Biblical (All) Submitted Surnames

These names occur in the Bible (in any language). See also about biblical names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Aran אֲרָן Biblical, Biblical Hebrew
From the given name Aran 2.
Barad Biblical Hebrew (Rare)
It's the Hebrew name of one the biblical plagues in the Hebrew bible that God cast on Egypt. It means Hail as in the Ice storm.
Gabe Biblical Hebrew
From the name Gabriel
Galea Biblical Latin
Galea in Latin is HELMET The Galea was a Roman helmet in excess of 1000 BC and basis for the name was for a type of boat with oars and sails... [more]
Lambiotte Biblical French
A derivative of Lambillotte often occurring among Belgian/Wallowing immigrants entering the USA.
Paip Medieval Scottish, Biblical Latin, Scottish Gaelic
An ancient Caithness surname, meaning father. The family changed their name from "Paip" to "Pope".
Sanctius Biblical Latin (Latinized, Archaic)
It meaning saint or holy. It comes from the Latin word sanctus.
Santagata Biblical Italian (Italianized, Modern, ?)
names of several towns in Italy derived from saint agatha (sant agata )
Theiss Biblical German
From the given name Theis
Zoref צורף Biblical Hebrew
Zoref, spelled צורף in Hebrew and pronounced Tzo-ref, though the typical American pronunciation is with a Z, means "Goldsmith" in both Biblical and Modern Hebrew, Zoref does not necessarily connote working only with gold; rather, it is a metalsmith that works with any kind of metallic substance.... [more]