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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the usage is lumbee.
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Brayboy Lumbee
This name origin has roots in a court case in 1716 involving a slave named John. He was charged as "Jack Braveboy, a negro". The spelling Brayboy is scene in 1801 with Stephen Brayboy. It was identified as Native American in 1900 Indian Census Schedule of Robeson County, North Carolina.
Chavis Lumbee
The earliest possibly record of this is from 1728. The spelling at the time was possibly different. It was the surname of freed servant mulatto servant named Will Chaviss. In 1900 census of Robeson County, North Carolina the word was self-identified as a Lumbee last name.
Locklear Lumbee
This is a popular surname in the Lumbee Native American tribe. It was pronounced by elders as Locklaha in the early part of the 20th century. "Falling water" is the definition of Locklaha. In 2004 the Lumbee Tribal Council had members named Lawrence (University of North Carolina employee), James H., Al, Danita as well as Jerl Locklear.
Lowry Lumbee
The surname is prominent. The earliest time this name is scene is when a grandchild of man named James Lowery is called James Lowry in the 1700s. This name was self-identified as an Indian Name in the Robeson County, North Carolina 1900 census... [more]
Oxendine Lumbee
The name is a common Lumbee surname. This name was used in the 1700s. This is the surname of Tribal councilman Delton Oxendine as well as Miss Lumbee Laura Oxendine.