Armenian Surnames

Armenian names are used in the country of Armenia in western Asia, as well as in Armenian diaspora communities throughout the world.
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AVAGYAN   Ավագյան     Armenian
Means "son of AVAG".
AVAKIAN   Ավագյան     Armenian
Variant transcription of AVAGYAN.
BAGHDASARYAN   Բաղդասարյան     Armenian
Means "son of BAGHDASAR".
BAGHDASSARIAN   Բաղդասարյան     Armenian
Variant transcription of BAGHDASARYAN.
BARSAMIAN   Պարսամեան     Armenian
Variant transcription of PARSAMYAN.
BEDROSIAN   Պետրոսյան     Armenian
Variant transcription of PETROSYAN.
DARBINIAN     Armenian
Means "son of the blacksmith".
DAVIDYAN     Armenian
Means "son of DAVID".
GEVORGIAN     Armenian
Means "son of GEORGE" in Armenian.
HAGOPIAN     Armenian
Means "son of HAGOP" in Armenian.
HOVANESIAN     Armenian
Means "son of HOVHANNES" in Armenian.
KASABIAN     Armenian
Means "butcher" in Armenian.
KEVORKIAN     Armenian
Alternative spelling of GEVORGIAN in transliteration from the Armenian alphabet to the Roman.
Means "son of Khachatur" in Armenian. Khachatur (or Khachadur) is a masculine given name which means "cross-bearer".
MATEVOSIAN     Armenian
Means "son of MATTHEW".
MOOSHIAN     Armenian
Variant of MOUSHIAN.
MOUSHIAN     Armenian
Originally denoted someone who came from the Armenian town of Moush.
NAZARETIAN     Armenian
Means "son of Nazareth". The suffix ian on an Armenian surname means "son of", and Nazareth was part of ancient Armenia.
NAZARIAN     Armenian
Means "son of NAZAR".
PANOSSIAN     Armenian
Means "son of PANOS".
PARSAMYAN   Պարսամեան     Armenian
Means "son of Barsauma", an Assyrian name meaning "fasting".
PETROSYAN   Պետրոսյան     Armenian
Means "son of PETROS" in Armenian.
SARKISIAN     Armenian
Means "son of SARGIS" in Armenian.
TOROSIAN     Armenian
Means "son of TOROS" in Armenian.
VARTANIAN     Armenian
Means "son of Vartan" in Armenian. Vartan is a male given name meaning "rose giver".