Finnish Surnames

Finnish names are used in the country of Finland in northern Europe.
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AALTO     Finnish
From Finnish aalto meaning "wave". A famous bearer was Finnish architect Alvar Aalto (1898-1976).
Means "grey lake". It is one of the many water-related surnames in Finland.
HEIKKI     Finnish
From the given name HENRY.
JÄRVI     Finnish
Means "(dweller by the) lake" in Finnish.
JÄRVINEN     Finnish
Derived from Finnish järvi meaning "lake". It is one of the most common surnames in Finland.
JOKELA     Finnish
Derived from Finnish joki "river".
JOKINEN     Finnish
Derived from Finnish joki "river".
KARPPINEN     Finnish
From karppi which means "carp".
KORHONEN     Finnish
Possibly from archaic Finnish korho meaning "deaf, hard of hearing".
KULMALA     Finnish
Means "corner", with suffix -la giving an idea of a place. The name was originally given to a house or a place.
LAAKKONEN     Finnish
Variant of LAAKSONEN.
LAAKSONEN     Finnish
Derived from Finnish laakso "valley".
LAHTI     Finnish
Means "bay, cove" in Finnish.
LAUKKANEN     Finnish
Finnish surname which means "he who gallops, takes big steps".
LEHTONEN     Finnish
Derived from Finnish lehto meaning "grove".
LINNA     Finnish
Means "castle". A famous namesake in Finland is Väinö Linna (1920-1992), author of 'The Unknown Soldier'.
MÄKELÄ     Finnish
Means "the place of the hill" in Finnish.
MÄKINEN     Finnish
Derived from Finnish mäki meaning "hill".
MUSTONEN     Finnish
Derived from Finnish musta meaning "black".
NIEMINEN     Finnish
Derived from Finnish niemi meaning "peninsula".
NIKULA     Finnish
From the given name Niku, a Finnish form of NICHOLAS, combined with the local suffix -la. It is common nowadays in western Finland.
NURMI     Finnish
From a Finnish word meaning "meadow". It was the surname of the athlete Paavo Nurmi (1897-1973).
NYLUND     Finnish, Swedish
From the Swedish-speaking south of Finland, directly from Swedish ny "new" and lund "grove".
PAJARI     Finnish
Means "boyar", the Finnish form of the Russian noble title боярин (boyarin). The name has come from Finland's east where Russian influences are quite strong.
PARTANEN     Finnish
Derived from a Finnish word meaning "beard".
PEKKANEN     Finnish
Derived from the given name PEKKA.
PENTTI     Finnish
Derived from the given name PENTTI.
PEURA     Finnish
Means "deer" in Finnish.
RANTA     Finnish
Means "dweller by the shore" from Finnish ranta.
RAUTIO     Finnish
Means "smith" in Finnish, mentioned in the Kalevala. There is also a town called Rautio.
RINNE (2)     Finnish
Means "hillside" from Finnish rinne.
RUOHO     Finnish
Means "grass" in Finnish.
Means "Swede" from Finnish ruotsalainen.
SAARI     Finnish
Means "(dweller on) an island" from Finnish saari.
SEPPÄ     Finnish
Means "smith" in Finnish.
SEPPÄNEN     Finnish
Means "smith" in Finnish.
TÄHTINEN     Finnish
Derived from the given name TÄHTI.
TAKALA     Finnish
Means "(dweller in the) back", probably denoting someone who lived in a remote area, from Finnish taka.
TOIVONEN     Finnish
Derived from the given name TOIVO.
VANHANEN     Finnish
From Finnish vanha meaning "old".
VENÄLÄINEN     Finnish
Means "Russian" in Finnish. This name was originally used by the ethnic Finns who lived on the Russian side of the border.
VIRTANEN     Finnish
Derived from Finnish virta meaning "stream".
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