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CHIPS     English (British)
Chips is a rare English (british) last name which is a nickname of Christopher and Charles
DE SMET     Dutch
De Smet or Desmet is a Dutch occupational surname. It is a regional form of "the smith" very common in East and West Flanders.1 2 It was the tenth most common name in Belgium in 1997
GAUTIER     French
Variant of Gauthier. In this spelling, the name has been established in both Italy (Turin) and Germany (Brunswick) since about 1700
KHAN     Pakistani, Muslim, Indian (Muslim), Bengali (Muslim), Urdu, Pashto, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Kashmiri, Odia, Assamese, Punjabi
Derived from the given name Khan, which is from the Turkic title khan meaning "leader, ruler". It is Mongolian in origin, but is primarily used in Muslim-majority countries such as Pakistan.
LOESCHER     German
German variant of Löscher, an occupational name for a fireman, from Middle High German leschen ‘to extinguish’. Als a variant of Loesch and Lescher or a derivative of Loesche.
OLAH     Hungarian
Oláh (Olah) is a Hungarian surname that means Vlach/Romanian. A similar word is Olasz, meaning "Italian".Hungarian (Oláh): ethnic name from Hungarian oláh ‘Romanian’, old form volách, from vlach ‘Italian’, ‘speaker of a Romance language’.
PAUWELS     Flemish, Belgian
Pauwels is a Flemish patronymic surname derived from the personal name Pauwel, a vernacular form of Paul. It is listed as one of "the 100 most common Belgian family names in 2001 by region": 12th position in Belgium and specifically Flanders.
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