Circassian Submitted Surnames

Circassian names are used in Circassia, part of the Caucasus region of Russia.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
DZHARIMOV     Circassian, Russian
Russified form of an Adyghe family name possibly derived from the given name Dzharim meaning "ruler". Alternatively, it could be of Karachay-Balkar origin meaning "half", given to one child from a set of twins... [more]
JAIMOUKHA     Circassian
Kabardian family name meaning "cow herd" from жэм (žăm) meaning "cow". It traditionally indicated someone who was wealthy because they possessed a large herd of bovine.
JAMOUKHA     Circassian
Variant transcription of Jaimoukha.
MAKHOV     Circassian
Kabardian name derived from махуэ (māx°ă) meaning "day".
NATKHO     Circassian
Shapsug clan name possibly from Adyghe нат (nāt) meaning "Nart" (the name of a Caucasian epic) combined with хъо (χo) "pig".
TKHAKUSHINOV     Circassian, Russian
Russified form of a Circassian family name. A notable bearer is Aslan Tkhakushinov (1947-), the former Head of the Republic of Adygea, Russia.
ZHEMUKHOV     Circassian
Russified form of Jaimoukha.
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