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AHISHAKIYE Kinyarwanda
AHISHAKIYE is a both male (most) and female name which means "Whenever God want" and is originally from Rwanda. It is a familiar name in the East African countries speaking Kinyarwanda and Kirundi such as Rwanda, Uganda, RDC, Burundi and Tanzania... [more]
Descendent of Builders.
Means decendent of The Merchant.
BASKIR Turkey/south america (Latinized, Rare)
Used by jewish families that were ranning away from anti-semites. It's meaning is 'printer'or 'pressures are...'
BLITSTEIN German Jewish
Stein is the German word for stone.
BLITZSTEIN German Jewish
Blitz is the German word for lightening and stein is the German word for stone.
BORN German/English
A topographical name indicating someone who lived near a stream, from the Old English "burna, burne". Alternatively, it could be contemporarily derived from the modern English word "born". Possible variants include Bourne, Burns and Boren.
Varient of Brogdon.
BUONAMICO Italian Argentina Greek (Anglicized)
Di Martino Buffalmacco was a widely renouned painter in Italy cities in Florence, Bologna, Pisa although his work was not known to survived the Great Fire of Italy back in the late 1300 hundreds he was widlely known for asummed work as The Three Dead- Three Living, The Triump of Death, The Last Judgement, The Hell and the Thebasis.... [more]
CARLINE England/English
I want you to tell me!
CAVALIER Southern French
Variant of Chevalier (meaning "knight, rider").
COIT Medieval Welsh French English
The surname Coit was first found in Carnarvonshire, a former country in Northwest Wales, anciently part of the Kingdom of Gwynedd, and currently is divided between the unitary authorities of Gwynedd and Conwy, where they held a family seat... [more]
CUCOLO Italian Austrian Judeo-Italian
Used in Austria, and in southern regions of Italy.
CULINDRIS Cantabrian
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous municipality.
Possible other spelling Curovic. Great Grandfather born in Austria, but name traces back to Croatia possibly.
DANVERS Irish & English Norman
For someone from Anvers, which is the French name of a port called Antwerp, located in what is now Belgium.
DEGELOS Jewish/French (Rare)
Most probable origin - Jewish adapting French sounding names... [more]
DELDOJAR Scotland (Anglicized, Rare)
Deldojar is a nickname for Bangladeshi traders who settled on the coastal port of Perth and Kinross, Scotland. This name is taken from the name of the merchant's hometown, Deldur upazila, a district of Tangail in the Division of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Means 'printer'.
DUNDASS Scottish North America
Variation of Dundas possibly miss spelled at imagination into Quebec (Lower Canada) late 18th Century
Topographic name for someone who lived by a dike
ENGELBRECHT Polabian (Germanized, Modern, Rare)
First person with this name was Engelbrekt Engelbrektson. Germanized Slavic name. Later, it was a noble family
ESTOPANYÀ Ribagorçan
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous municipality.
Michalena Frankiewicz born 1897 Lomza, Poland ... [more]
FURLOW British/irish
the warrens came over to America on the Mayflower. they made settlements and went through the revolutionary war. the name changed to Baughman then Furlow. the furlows fought in the cival war and were slave owners... [more]
This is my surname. My cousin Steve Glowzenski, had the C dropped along the way somewhere, probably the military.
GRANDPA Memes (Archaic)
From the given name Grandpa.
HELO Syrian/Lebanese
Helo is Americanized from the name Helou which means "sweet". Origin around year 1717 from El Helou. Tribal name from Helou Massive a mountain in the Syrian, later Lebanon country. Mentioned in the narratives of the first Crusade.
Means decendent of The Southern Warrior.
HERRMAN German (Prussian)
Herrman is of ancient German origin. It is derived from a Germanic personal name made up of the elements heri, meaning "army," and man, meaning "man." Herrman was first found in Prussia, where the name emerged in medieval times as one of the notable families of the region.
Person of the West.
JOZI Hlubi(Tekela)-African (?)
A Hlubi word referring to a sword or spearmkonto,mkhonto,lerumo
Matronymic of Jenifer.
Means one from Kanter Plains.
Surname of sid and marty krofft
Means Descendent of The Short man.
KUYON Hungarian Romanian (Anglicized)
Largely unknown, but may have origins in a village in Poland, called Kujan. There’s records on the name at Ellis Island in New York where it was anglicized to the phonetic, Kuyon. There’s also a split in the main families with the name in the US to another diminutive, Kenyon.... [more]
Possibly, the Frank. Thought by some to indicate a group of merchants in Middle Ages responsible for the transalpine trade to the French.
Means "son of LARIN".
Lasichanh is the surname of Pharrell Williams wife Helen Lasichanh.
An occupational name for a tanner, derived from the German word "lederaere", meaning "leather worker."
MBENGUZANA Hlubi(Tekela)-African (?)
Hlubi word referring to an old cat with grey beard but in this instance it means grey-bearded leopard. Originates from one of the Nkwali tribe's early head?king Lusulengwe(Leopard's face) mkwanazimaphelampafavuthelamkhwanazi
My guess is that my surname was changed sometime in the early 1800's but have never learned how my family name derived from or from where it originated.
NOGGY ? (Rare)
Perhaps a variant of Hungarian Nagy.
OEE ? (Anglicized, ?)
OLIVIA American (English)
From the given name of Olivia
OSGOOD English Jewish
English: Old Norse personal name Asgautr, composed of the elements as'god'+the tribal name Gaul. This was established in England before the Conquest, in the late old English forms Osgot or Osgod and was later reinforce by the Norman Ansgot.... [more]
French family last name may have been changed from the original French
PIN Cambodian
Of unexplained origin.
PITSTICK unknown
Origin unidentified.
PUPU Mamalingua
Old name is good and old name rise pupu
RHOTON German and French
Rhoton is a German and French surname from the 1800s. Some people believe that it is derived from the French word for red, but the origin is overall unknown. The name represents strength and power.
ROYBAL Galician (Castellanized)
Castellanized form of Ruibal.
SAIQUE unknown
meaning of Saique: Always victorious... [more]
SCHATTENSTEIN Latvian/Russian Jewish
Notes from Daniel Satten (1896-1972) say that Mordechai Block (1797-) returned to Russia (Latvia) with the surname Schattenstein. It is not clear where he went or why it was changed. ... [more]
SCHNEID German Jewish
Variant form of Schneider. Means "cut"
Uncertain. Would seem to be derived from Schottland, 'Scotland', thus an ethnic name for an individual of such descent. ... [more]
SENJEAN French (Landes & Pyrenee)
Probably from St John (saint-jean) from Christianization of Basques and misspelled
SIKANDER Persian (Afghan)/(Iran)
Sikander ultimately comes from Persian literature by the Shahnameh. It is a variant of Alexander along with the word “Eskander”. Both words are used in Persian literature to refer to Alexander the Great... [more]
SINTAS French (Landes & Pryenees)
Found in the communes of Habas and Osages
Descendent of Royalty.
SOLEBELLO Italian American
Means, "beautiful sun". Derived from "bello", meaning beautiful, and "sole", meaning sun.
STALEY Belgian French
From Old French estalee "fish trap", hence possibly a metonymic occupational name for a fisherman, or topographic name for someone who lived near where fish traps were set.
ST LOUIS French And English
In honor of Saint Louis.
TREADWELL English/Serbian
good boi with this name
UPTAIN Old English (Americanized)
Derived from Upton, but meaning "always prepared"
Person of the East.
VALCOR Oipientixian
Valcor come from the Oipientixian word "Selenur" meaning Dark and the Oipientian word "Mekur" meaning Powerless.... [more]