Russian Names

The complete Russian name is formed of a given name, patronymic, and a family name, in that order. The given names can each have several different diminutives. For example for Anastasiya there is Nastya, Stasya, Tasya, Nastenka, and more.

Russian given names are often taken from the names of saints, especially those from Eastern Orthodox tradition, which are often of Greek origin. In the last century traditional Slavic names have again come into use. See European names.

Russian names are normally written in the Cyrillic alphabet, the usual alphabet of the Russian language. When they are represented in the Latin alphabet (of English and other western European languages) they are transcribed, which can result in multiple spellings for a single name depending on the transcription. For example Дмитрий can be rendered Dmitriy, Dmitri, or Dmitrii.

The word name in Russian is имя (imya), plural имена (imena).

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