Russian Surnames

Russian names are used in the country of Russia and in Russian-speaking communities throughout the world. See also about Russian names.
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ALEKSANDROV   Александров     Russian, Bulgarian
Means "son of ALEKSANDR".
ALEKSEEV   Алексеев     Russian
Means "son of ALEKSEY".
ANDREEV   Андреев     Russian, Bulgarian
Means "son of ANDREY".
ANTONOV   Антонов     Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian
Means "son of ANTON".
BOGDANOV   Богданов     Russian, Bulgarian
Means "son of BOGDAN".
BOGOMOLOV   Богомолов     Russian
Patronymic derived from Russian богомол (bogomol) meaning "pious one, devotionalist".
BORISOV   Борисов     Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian
Means "son of BORIS".
CHAYKOVSKY   Чайковский     Russian
Russian form of CHAYKA. A famous bearer was the Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Chaykovsky (1840-1893), with the surname commonly Romanized as Tchaikovsky.
FEDOROV   Фёдоров     Russian
Variant transcription of FYODOROV.
FILIPPOV   Филиппов     Russian
Means "son of FILIP".
FYODOROV   Фёдоров     Russian
Means "son of FYODOR".
IGNATIEV   Игнатьев     Russian
Means "son of IGNATIY".
IGNATOV   Игнатов     Bulgarian, Russian
Means "son of IGNAT".
IVANOV   Иванов     Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Macedonian
Means "son of IVAN".
KONSTANTINOV   Константинов     Russian, Bulgarian
Means "son of KONSTANTIN".
KOZLOV   Козлов     Russian
Patronymic from the Slavic word kozel "goat", probably used to denote a goatherd.
KRUPIN   Крупин     Russian
Derived from Slavic krupa meaning "grain".
KUZNETSOV   Кузнецов     Russian
Patronymic form of Russian кузнец (kuznets) meaning "blacksmith".
LAGOUNOV   Лагунов     Russian
Variant transcription of LAGUNOV.
LAGUNOV   Лагунов     Russian
Patronymic name derived from Russian lagun "water barrel". It was most likely used to denote the descendants of a person who made water barrels.
MAKSIMOV   Максимов     Russian
Means "son of MAKSIM".
MARKOV   Марков     Bulgarian, Russian
Means "son of MARKO or MARK".
MATVEEV   Матвеев     Russian
Means "son of MATVEY".
MEDVED   Медведь     Slovene, Slovak, Croatian, Russian
Means "bear" in several Slavic languages.
MIKHAILOV   Михайлов     Russian
Means "son of MIKHAIL".
NAOUMOV   Наумов     Russian, Bulgarian
Variant transcription of NAUMOV.
NAUMOV   Наумов     Russian, Bulgarian
Means "son of NAUM".
NIKOLAEV   Николаев     Russian, Bulgarian
Means "son of NIKOLAY".
ORLOV   Орлов     Russian
Patronym derived from the Russian nickname Орёл (Oryol) meaning "eagle".
PASTERNAK   Пастернак     Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Yiddish
Means "parsnip" in various Slavic languages, ultimately from Latin pastinaca. A famous bearer was Boris Pasternak (1890-1960), author of 'Doctor Zhivago'.
PAVLOV   Павлов     Russian, Bulgarian
Means "son of PAVEL". A famous bearer of this surname was the Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov (1849-1936), known for his discovery of the conditioned reflex.
PAVLOVSKY   Павловский     Russian
Means "son of PAVEL".
PETROV   Петров     Russian, Bulgarian
Means "son of PETER" in Russian and Bulgarian.
POPOV   Попов     Russian, Bulgarian
Means "son of the priest", derived from Russian and Bulgarian поп (pop).
RASPUTIN   Распутин     Russian
From Russian распутье (rasputye) meaning "crossroads". A famous bearer was the Russian mystic Grigoriy Rasputin (1869-1916).
ROMANOV   Романов     Russian
Means "son of ROMAN". This was the surname of the last dynasty of Russian tsars.
SOKOLOV   Соколов     Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian
Means "son of SOKOL".
SOKOLOVSKY   Соколовский     Russian
Means "son of SOKOL".
TCHAIKOVSKY   Чайковский     Russian
Variant transcription of CHAYKOVSKY.
UTKIN   Уткин     Russian
From the Russian word утка (utka) meaning "duck".
VASILEV   Васильев     Bulgarian, Russian
Means "son of VASIL".
VASILYEV   Васильев     Russian
Means "son of VASIL".
VIKTOROV   Викторов     Russian, Bulgarian
Means "son of VIKTOR".
VINOGRADOV   Виноградов     Russian
Means "vineyard" in Russian (ultimately from German), referring to a person who worked at a vineyard or lived near one.
VOLKOV   Волков     Russian
Patronymic derived from Russian волк (volk) meaning "wolf".
VORONIN   Воронин     Russian
Derived from Russian ворона (vorona) meaning "crow".
YAKOVLEV   Яковлев     Russian
Means "son of YAKOV".
ZIMA   Зима     Czech, Slovak, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian
From a Slavic word meaning "winter". This may have been a nickname for a person with a chilly personality.
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