Spanish Names

Spanish naming customs are used not only in Spain, but also in the many Spanish-speaking regions of Latin America. Most people have one or two given names, followed by two surnames. The first surname (considered the primary surname) is inherited from the father's paternal surname, the second is inherited from the mother's paternal surname. Women usually keep their names when they marry.

For example, if José Lopez Garcia marries María Reyes Cruz, both will keep their surnames unchanged. If they have a child named Tomás, his full name will be Tomás Lopez Reyes. Sometimes the two surnames are separated by the word y meaning "and".

Traditionally, Spanish given names are taken from the names of saints. There are also many names which honour the Virgin Mary, such as Dolores, Rosario, Mercedes, Pilar, Consolata and Luz. See European names.

The word name in Spanish is nombre.

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