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Real name Aya / Blaise / Laura
Location United States
Hello. I'm non-binary, my pronouns are they and them. I like cartoons and cats. One of my favorite things to do on this is add to the submitted names database; I hope that I could become an editor someday.

I am open to messages from anyone.

I try my best in my submissions. If you notice an error, please send a message correcting me or edit it. I am welcome to criticism. Thank you.

Submitted Names

PASHEN   f   English (Rare), African American (Rare)
Variant of PASSION.
CAMBRY   f   English (Modern, Rare)
CAMBRI   f   English (Modern, Rare)
Variant of CAMBRY.

Name Comments

RONA (1)
Rona is sometimes used as a shortened slang term for the Coronavirus, particularly on the Internet.
Actress Essence Atkins. She got her big break in the 90s playing Tasha Henderson in the TV sitcom "Smart Guy".
Bellamy, born Amy Maria Young, an actress well known for her role as Melody "Mellie" Grant in the TV drama Scandal.

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