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Type Surname
Usage English

Meaning & History

From an Old English surname: a place name which meant "Oak meadow". A variation of this is: "dwells at the oak tree meadow".

Etymology for first half of name:
Oak - Old English ac. From Germanic *aik-. Cognate with Old Frisian ēk, Old Saxon ēk (Dutch eik), Old High German eih (German Eiche), Old Norse eik (Swedish ek).

āc f. (plural ǣċ)

1. oak (wood or tree)
2. (poetic) an oaken ship
3. The runic character ᚪ (/a/)

Etymology for second half of name:
Lea, Old English lēah (meaning 'meadow') --

Meadow: Old English mǣdwe, inflected form of mǣd, from Germanic *mǣdwon, from Proto-Indo-European *metwa- (*me-, ‘mow’).
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