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Type Surname (from nickname)
Scripts المهندي(Arabic)
Pronounced Pron. al-moo-HAN-na-dee(Arabic)  [key]
Other Forms FormsMohannadi, Mohanadi, Muhannadi, al-Mohanadi, Almohannadi, Almuhannadi, Al Mohannadi, Al Mohanadi, Al Muhannadi, al-Muhannadi, al-Muhanadi, Al Muhannad, Al Muhanadi, Almohanadi, Muhannad, Mohannad, Mohanad, Almohanndi, Almuhanadi, Almohannad, al-Muhanidi, al-Muhanndi, Al Mohanndi, Al Mohandi, Almohandi, al-Mohannidi, al-Mahannadi, Almahanadi, al-Mohannad, Muhanadi, Mohaned, Muhanad, El Mohanad

Meaning & History

Originally indicated a person from the Al Muhannadi (أل مهند) or Al-Mahanda (المهاندة) tribe based primarily in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, especially in Qatar. The tribe itself is derived from the given name Muhannad.
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