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Type Surname (from location)
Other Forms FormsBetencourt, Bettencourtt, Bettencour, Betancourt, Bethancourt, Bethencourt, Bitencourt, Bittencourt, Betancur, Betancurt, Betancurth, Betancor, Bethcourt, Betancourt, Bitancurt, Betanco, Betencur, Bitangcur, Bitangcor, Bitangcol, Vitangcol

Meaning & History

Bettencourt and Bethencourt are originally place-names in Northern France. The place-name element -court (courtyard, courtyard of a farm, farm) is typical of the French provinces, where the Frankish settlements formed an important part of the local population. It translated the Old Low Franconian word *hof "courtyard", "courtyard of a farm", "farm" (Dutch, Old English Hof, German Hof).
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