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Type Surname (from given name)
Usage Catalan
Pronounced Pron. ka'zəz  [key]
Other Forms FormsCazes

Meaning & History

Catalan family name. Plural of 'casa' meaning 'house', possibly given to people who were given or built a manor or town house or had a slightly better than normal dwelling for their location/village etc..

Often misspelled or changed to Cazes given many Catalans proximity to France or in some cases changed during Spanish civil war by French forces releasing refugees of the 'Retirada'.

Significant concentration of families with this name in Lleida county in Catalonia but also dotted around France. People in the United States found to have this name, probably due to Catalan or French heritage, i.e. Lila Cazes (movie producer)
Added 12/10/2013 by Lloyd Cazes