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Type Surname (from location)
Usage English
Other Forms FormsHerrington, Harrington, Carrington, Barrington, Henington, Warrington

Meaning & History

Habitational Name From Any Of Various Places Called Cherington or Cherrington. Cherrington in Shropshire is Probably Named From The Old English Personal Name Ceorra + -Ing- Denoting Association (Or Alternatively From Old English Cerring ‘River Bend’) + tun ‘Settlement Estate’ But Others (Cherington in Gloucestershire and Cherrington in Warwickshire) Are From Old English cirice ‘Church’ + tun. Places Called Cheriton in Devon, Hampshire, Kent, and Somerset Also Have This Last Etymology.
Added 8/22/2022 by UncleJay
Edited 12/19/2022 by Mike C