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Type Surname
Usage Japanese
Scripts 千種, 千草, 千艸(Japanese Kanji) ちぐさ(Japanese Hiragana) チグサ(Japanese Katakana)
Pronounced Pron. CHEE-GUU-SAH  [key]

Meaning & History

This surname is used as 千種, 千草 or 千艸 with 千 (sen, chi) meaning "thousand", 種 (shu, -gusa, tane) meaning "class, kind, seed, species, variety", 草 (sou, kusa, kusa-, -gusa) meaning "draft, grass, herbs, pasture, weeds, write" and 艸 (sou, kusa) meaning "grass, plants."

As a word, Chigusa (千種 & 千草) refers to a great variety of flowering plants. Also, it's an abbreviation of 千草色 (chigusairo/ちぐさいろ) meaning "a light greenish-blue colour."

Chigusa (千種 & 千草) is also used as a feminine given name.
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