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Type Surname (from given name & from nickname)
Other Forms FormsCoole, Cole, MacCumhaill, MacDhubhghaill, Coulson, Coleson, Cowles, Coulsson, Coullson, Coolson

Meaning & History

All origins of the name are patronymic. Meanings include an Anglicized version of the Gaelic MacCumhaill, meaning "son of Cumhall", which means "champion" and "stranger" and an Anglicized patronymic of the Gaelic MacDhubhghaill, meaning "son of Dubhgall." The personal name comes from the Gaelic words dubh, meaning "black" and gall, meaning "stranger."

The most common origin behind the patryonomic name is Cole, a nickname for Nicholas, which means "victory of the people," coming from the Greek nikan, "to conquer" and the Greek laos, "people."

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