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Type Surname (from occupation)
Usage French
Pronounced Pron. DEH-SHA-NEHL(French) DAY-shə-NEHL(English)  [key]
Other Forms FormsD'Eschanel, Eschamel, Des Chanels, Dechanel, Deschannel, Dechannel

Meaning & History

Derived from French eschamel meaning "stepladder" or des chanels meaning "from the channels, from the little jugs". An occupational nickname for a trader, it supposedly originated in the Ain department, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of France. A famous bearer is the American actress Emily Deschanel (1976-), as well as her sister, actress and musician Zooey Deschanel (1980-). It was also borne by the French president Paul Deschanel (1855-1922).
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