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Type Surname
Usage German

Meaning & History

The surname "Drumpf" is of German origin and dates back to the 16th century¹. It is most commonly known as the likely predecessor to the family name of Donald Trump, the businessman and 45th president of the United States¹.

The name change from "Drumpf" to "Trump" is believed to have occurred during the 1600s². However, the exact timing of this change isn't clear². The surname "Drumpf" could be derived from the German word "trumpfen," which means to drum or play the trumpet³. In Old High German, "trumpfen" was used to indicate a struggle or victory in a conflict³.

It's also worth noting that the term "Drumpf" could be a nickname for a large man, from Middle High German "rumph," meaning 'trunk, body', or for someone who was bent or misshapen, from Middle High German "rumph" meaning 'bent, crooked'⁴⁵.

Please note that this information is based on historical records and there might be variations or discrepancies in different sources.
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