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Type Surname (from given name)
Pronounced Pron. EHS-ee-ən(English)  [key]
Other Forms FormsEsson, Essiene, Esssien, Esseien, Essient, Eessien, Eissien, Essiien, Essienn, Essieen, Essiein, Esien, Essin, Essienne, Essein, Essoin, Esiene, Essiem, Essain, Essuin, Esehin, Ession, Eesien, Eshien, Eessin, Assien, Essehin, Esehien, Esseyin, Eseihen, Esseng, Essen, Essan, Asien, Essim, Essem, Esiem, Essoun, Essang, Essone, Eseyin, Essuon, Eseine, Essane, Esion, Essanh, Eseine, Esione, Essisn

Meaning & History

Means "sixth born child" in Akan, possibly deriving from the given name Nsia. As a Nigerian name it is derived from a given name (found among the Ibibio and Efik people) denoting the son the family lineage depends on, possibly meaning either "a child who belongs to everyone" or "the child who takes charge of outside matters". The Ghanaian former soccer player Michael Essien (1982-) is a famous bearer of this surname.
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