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Type Surname
Usage Japanese
Scripts 庵, 井居, 井折, 井織, 伊折, 伊織(Japanese Kanji) いおり(Japanese Hiragana) イオリ(Japanese Katakana)
Pronounced Pron. EE-O-ṘEE  [key]

Meaning & History

This surname is used as 庵, 井居, 井折, 井織, 伊折 or 伊織 with 庵 (an, iori, io) meaning "hermitage, retreat", 井 (sei, shou, i) meaning "well, well crib, town, community", 伊 (i, kare) meaning "Italy, that one", 居 (kyo, ko,, -i, meaning "reside, to be, exist, live with", 折 (setsu,, ori, o.ri, -o.ri, o.reru) meaning "fold, break, fracture, bend, yield, submit" and 織 (o.ri) meaning "fabric, weave."

Iori (庵 & 伊織) is also used as a unisex given name (庵 being mainly masculine).
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