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Type Surname (from nickname)
Usage Urdu, Sindhi
Scripts خاصخیلی۔(Urdu) خاصخیلي(Sindhi-Arabic)
Pronounced Pron. khas-KHE-lee(Urdu)  [key]
Other Forms FormsKhaskheeli, Khashkheli, Khaskheili, Khaskhelli, Khaaskheli, Khaskeli, Kaskheli, Khaskhali, Khaskhili, Khaskehli, Khaskhely, Khashkeli, Kahskheli, Khaskkeli, Khazkheli, Khaskhele, Kashkheli, Kaskeli, Khaskhaili, Khaskhelly, Khaskhelee, Khaskali, Khaskili, Khasskhaili, Khaskhily, Khaskhaly, Khaskaili, Khaskhile, Khaskhale, Khashkali, Khaskhaily, Khaskhaile, Khaskale, Kashkali, Khaskele, Khaskhayli

Meaning & History

Referred to a person belonging to the Khaskheli tribe in the Pakistani provinces of Sindh and Balochistan. It is perhaps derived from the Urdu words خاص (khas) meaning "proper" and خالی (khali) meaning "performer". The tribe itself is an offshoot of the Samma tribe in Sindh.
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