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Type Surname
Usage Japanese
Scripts 桔梗, 喜京, 木京, 鬼京(Japanese Kanji) ききょう(Japanese Hiragana) キキョウ(Japanese Katakana)
Pronounced Pron. KKYO:, KEE-KYO:  [key]
Other Forms FormsKikyō, Kikyou

Meaning & History

This surname is used as 桔梗, 喜京, 木京 or 鬼京 with 桔 (kitsu, ketsu, ki), which is used in plant names, 梗 (kyou, kou, oomune, fusagu, yamanire) meaning "close up, flower stem, for the most part", 喜 (ki, yoroko.basu, yoroko.bu) meaning "rejoice, take pleasure in", 木 (boku, moku, ki, ko-) meaning "tree, wood", 鬼 (ki, oni, oni-) meaning "devil, ghost" and 京 (kyou, kin, kei, miyako) meaning "capital."

Kikyō (桔梗) is also used as a feminine given name.
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