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Type Surname
Scripts 黄金, 小金, 古金, 子金, 故金, 小賀根(Japanese Kanji) こがね(Japanese Hiragana) コガネ(Japanese Katakana)
Pronounced Pron. KO-GAH-NE  [key]

Meaning & History

This surname is used as 黄金, 小金, 古金, 子金, 故金 or 小賀根 with 黄 (ou, kou, ki, ko-) meaning "yellow", 小 (shou, o-, ko-, sa-, chii.sai) meaning "little, small", 古 (ko, furu-, furu.i, -fu.rusu) meaning "old", 子 (shi, su, tsu, ko, -ko, -ne) meaning "child, sign of the rat (1st sign of Chinese zodiac", 故 (ko, furu.i, moto, yue) meaning "cause, circumstances, consequently, especially, happenstance, intentionally, reason, the late, therefore", 賀 (ga) meaning "congratulations, joy", 根 (kon, ne, -ne) meaning "head (pimple), radical, root" and 金 (kin, kon, gon, kana-, kane, -gane) meaning "gold."

As a word, Kogane (黄金 & 小金) means "gold" and "a small sum of money" respectively.
Kogane (黄金 & 小金) is also used as a feminine given name and a place name.
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