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Type Surname
Usage Japanese
Pronounced Pron. KUUCH-KEE, KUU-CHEE-KEE  [key]
Other Forms Forms朽木, 口木, くちき (hiragana), クチキ (katakana)

Meaning & History

This name combines 朽 (kyuu, ku.chiru) meaning "decay, remain in seclusion, rot" or 口 (ku, kou, kuchi) meaning "mouth" with 木 (boku, moku, ki, ko-) meaning "tree, wood."
As a word, kuchiki (朽木 or 朽ち木) refers to a decayed tree.

One fictional bearer of this name is Byakuya Kuchiki (朽木 白哉) from manga and anime Bleach.
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