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Type Surname (from nickname)
Usage Italian
Other Forms FormsMaggi, Maggiore, Maggiori, DiMaggio, Maggorini

Meaning & History

Recorded in many spelling forms including the 'base' form of Maggi, and the diminutives and double diminutives Maggiore, Maggiori, Di Maggio, Maggorini, and many others, this is an Italian surname of Roman (Latin) origins.

It derives from the ancient word 'maggiore' which means 'the eldest son', and as such was originally either a baptismal name, or in medieval times a nickname which became a surname. In usage it was not so different from the much later English Victorian method of calling brothers by their surname, but then distinguishing them by the terms major, minor, or for a third son, minimus.

Early examples taken from the few surviving registers include:

Carlos Maggi, the son of Pompeo Maggi, born at Saluzzo, Torino, in 1618.
Maria Maggiorini, a witness at Arcore, Milano, on April 30th 1685.
Francesco Maggiore, a witness at Torre Pollice, also Torino, on January 18th 1864.
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