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Type Surname (from location)
Usage English
Other Forms FormsMarriott, Mariott, Marriot, Marritt, Marrot, Marrotte, Mariatt, Maryet, Maryott, Marryatt, Mariate, Merritt, Merrett, Merit, Merioth, Meriott, Meritt, Meryett

Meaning & History

Either a habitational name from Merriott in Somerset. The placename may derive from Old English mere miere "mare" mere "pool" or gemære "boundary" and gaet "gate gap". Or from the Middle English male personal name Meryet (Old English Mærgeat from mære "famous" and geat a tribal name). In post-medieval times both this surname and the placename in 1 above underwent changes in pronunciation sometimes by confusion with Marriott and often by losing the medial -i- or -y- hence Merritt Meritt and so on.
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