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Type Surname
Usage Japanese
Scripts 大神, 大上, 大賀美(Japanese Kanji) おおがみ(Japanese Hiragana) オオガミ(Japanese Katakana)
Pronounced Pron. O:-GAH-MEE  [key]
Other Forms FormsOgami

Meaning & History

From Japanese 大 (tai, dai, oo-, -oo.ini, oo.kii) meaning "large, great", 神 (shin, jin, kami, kan-, kou-) meaning "god, deity", 上 (shan, shou, jou, a.gari, a.garu, a.geru, ue, -ue, uwa-, kami,, nobo.seru, nobo.ri,, meaning "above, up", 賀 (ga) meaning "congratulations, joy" and 美 (bi, mi, utsuku.shii) meaning "beauty, beautiful".
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