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Type Surname (from nickname)
Pronounced Pron. PIN-chez(British English)  [key]
Other Forms FormsPinch, Pinck, Pincke, Pinchin and Pinchon, Pinchson, Pinks, Pinkson, Penk, Penke, Penkes

Meaning & History

This is one of the very earliest of surnames. This is an English name. First recorded in the 12th century it was a nickname of endearment for a bright, chirpy, person, thought by his peer group to be active like a finch. This bird in pre 7th century times was known as the "pinca", and later in Middle English as the finch, pinch or pink. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Sewine Pinca. This was dated 1100 - 1130, in the Old English Bynames list, for the county of Devonshire, during the reign of King Henry 1st, known as "The Lion of Justice", 1100 - 1135.
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