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Type Surname (from nickname)
Usage Italian
Pronounced Pron. Puw-nyah  [key]
Other Forms FormsPugnetti, Pugni, Pugnani, Pugnano

Meaning & History

The Italian family name Pugno is considered by scholars to be of nickname origin. While the majority of surnames that are derived from a sobriquet or nickname reveal to us some aspect of the physical appearance of the initial bearer of the name or may allude to a characteristic of this person, other nickname family names make reference to a particular piece of clothing or favorite article or indeed a favorite color of the bearer of the name. In the case of the surname Pugno, this name comes directly from the Italian word "pugno", meaning "fist", which in turn comes from the Latin "pugnus". Variants of the surname Pugno include Pugnetti, Pugnani, Pugnano, Pugni.
Added 3/29/2019 by Chiara Pugno