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Type Surname
Usage Indian
Pronounced Pron. SADANGI  [key]
Other Forms FormsSarangi

Meaning & History

Sadhangi :- Who knows the six Angas(parts)

VEDANGAS : 6 Organs of Veda

According to Mandukyopanishad and later Samhitas, Veda has 6 organs –

SHABDA SHASTRA MOUTH Shabda Shastra = Vyakaran = Gammar. Teaches how to speak and communicate

JYOTISH EYES Jyotish = Astrology, shows the facts of life to prevent unwanted darkness amd to cure problems

NIRUKTA EARS Nirukt = Untold = Veda, by hearing which one gets enlightend / gets peace.

KALPA HANDS Kalpa = Karmakand, the rituals with or without purpose = Yagya, to prevent and cure problems.

SHIKSHA NOSE Shiksha = General education, includes all what we study at the schools to live life successfully

CHHAND FEET Chhanda = Rythm, that initiates music and all relevant sects of entertainment. Also used in Yagya.
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