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Type Surname (from location)
Pronounced Pron. Sap'ping'field  [key]
Other Forms FormsSappenfeld, Sappingfeld, Sappenfield

Meaning & History

From the German name "Sappenfeld," a small town in Bavaria, Germany. (Pop. 380.) The town itself is named after an early resident named "Sappo;" in English, the name means "Sappo's Field." The name "Sappo" may mean noble (unconfirmed). In the United States, the name was changed to Sappingfield by the descendants of a Sappenfeld who emigrated from Germany in the mid-late 1700s. He fought in the Revolutionary War on the side of the British, and was hanged for treason by the Americans. His children changed their name to "Sappingfield" to distance themselves from the scandal and demonstrate their patriotism.
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