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Type Surname
Pronounced Pron. SEE-lee(Middle English)  [key]
Other Forms FormsSeelie, Seeley, Seley, Seelye, Selye, Seily, Sealy, Seilie, Cilley

Meaning & History

Means "Blessed", "Happy", and/or "Lucky." By adding an Un- to Seely makes it "Unblessed", "Unhappy", and/or "Unholy." Used primarily in Northern England and Southern Scotland during the Middle English period but is derived from the Old English sǣl and gesǣlig. In Scottish folklore, the word was used to differentiate the Fae Folk (fairies) into the Good/Light Fae (Seelie Court) and the Bad/Dark Fae (Unseelie Court.) The word has survived to Modern English in the form of silly.
Added 5/8/2016 by anonymous